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Being a pirate in Sea of Thieves sometimes means being an asshole, using whatever methods you can to kill your foes and plunder their loot. Some Sea of Thieves players are taking this to the next level by relying on hacks to conquer the high seas.

As first noted by WIndows CentralSea of Thieves hackers are using a variety of cheats to help them find loot and come out victorious in battles. These cheats range from standard aimbots that ensure every pistol shot is accurate to ESP hacks that show the location of every player, shark, treasure chest, and ship. These cheats give information about how much health enemies have, how far away treasure is, and the proper angles for firing your ship’s cannons.

“Whether you want to cheat is a personal decision,” one cheat-providing site says in their Q&A. “On one hand, many people think it is immoral to cheat in online games as you have an unfair advantage over other players. And while that may be the case, at the end of the day it’s just a game and you can choose what you want to do. Using cheats is a good way to excel in the game world. Earn more gold, rank up faster, and win nearly any battle you get yourself into. You may also have a lot more fun when using a Sea of Thieves hack.”

Personally, I say this should have been expected.  Any time such a popular MMO launches it’s going to have cheaters flocking around.  How do you guys feel about the one company saying “It’s just a game, do as you wish”?  I do like to dabble in the cheating from time to time myself depending on the game so I’m no saint and no one to be casting judgement.  How do you guys feel when it comes to something like this that has PvP, achievements, etc?  What’s your take on the whole situation?  Let me know in the comments.

You can read the full Kotaku article by clicking HERE.

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